Beats Flex: A Wireless Earphones Review

The Beats Flex presents a modernized and more affordable version of the Beat earbuds. It retains familiar features while introducing new enhancements. With its appealing design, long battery life, easy pairing with Apple devices, and decent call quality, it competes well in the budget earbuds market and is suitable for workouts. However, inconsistent audio performance is a drawback that is highlighted. Despite this, priced at around AED 200:00 and exclusively available at Apple or Beats, it offers excellent value. Available colors include Black, Flame Blue, Smoke Gray, and Yuzu Yellow.

Beats Flex Wireless Ear Phones: Design

For potential buyers, wires might not be a deal-breaker with the Beats Flex. While resembling the BeatsX, it brings noticeable changes, maintaining its premium feel with plastic construction, tangle-free wire, and magnetized earbud housing. Enhanced usability is seen in the modified inline mic and multifunctional button. Featuring bold colors like Flame Blue and Yuzu Yellow, they stand out in any price range. Though lacking an IPX rating, Beats assures waterproof USB-C connectors and sealed buttons, but whether it’s suitable for exercise or swimming remains uncertain.

Beats Flex Wireless Ear Phones:: Fit and Comfort 

At 0.66 ounces, the Beats Flex is lightweight and comfortable to wear around the neck between uses. Though moderate in comfort, some users might feel slight pressure on the concha after extended wear. With four ear tip options, it offers various fits to suit different ear shapes, ensuring stability during activities like running. While lacking wing tips like the BeatsX, it still provides an acceptable fit and secure grip.

Beats Flex Wireless Ear Phones: Controls 

The Beats Flex features a wide array of controls split between two modules. The left module handles most functions, including volume adjustment, play/pause, skipping tracks, and activating the digital assistant. These buttons are responsive and offer great tactile feedback. Additionally, the buds automatically manage playback and calls when snapped together, though it’s not wear detection. Siri operates smoothly on these buds, thanks to the advanced mic that picks up vocals even in noisy environments. Surprisingly, Google Assistant works just as well, allowing users to perform various tasks effortlessly.

Beats Flex Wireless Ear Phones: Audio quality

Beats has focused on improving sound quality across its audio range, from Studio3 to the revamped Powerbeats series. However, the Beats Flex falls short of its promise of “powerful sound,” delivering a flat signature better suited for video and podcasts than music.

Despite claims of new acoustic drivers for accurate bass and precision, the results are mixed. Some tracks exhibit hissing or reverberation, affecting clarity and distorting vocals. However, certain tracks like The Police’s “Roxanne” showcase the intended sound quality, with precise guitar chords and clear vocals.

The Beats Flex excels in reproducing vocals, making it ideal for dialogue-heavy content like news or podcasts. This is attributed to its excellent isolation, achieved through a snug fit that blocks out ambient noise and enhances sound clarity.

Beats Flex Wireless Ear Phones: App and Special Features

The Beats app, available on iOS and Android, receives minimal attention due to its limited features. It offers only two toggle controls for automatic playback and call management. Other features include renaming the buds, online registration, viewing battery levels, and firmware updates.

However, the real functionality lies in Apple’s W1 chip. While not as powerful as the newer H1 chip in AirPods Pro and recent Powerbeats models, it still offers smooth operation. Easy-pairing connects instantly to iPhones or iPads linked to iCloud accounts. Bluetooth 5.0 integration simplifies pairing with Android smartphones, addressing previous compatibility issues.

Audio sharing allows streaming to a second pair of Beats headphones or AirPods. However, the app lacks newer software perks like automatic switching or standard features such as adjustable EQ and customizable controls found in competitor models.

Beats Flex Wireless Ear Phones: Battery life

Beats consistently nails battery life with each new wireless earbuds release. The Beats Flex impresses with a 12-hour rating on a full charge, providing around 11 hours in real-world usage. This ample playback time easily lasts a week with daily use of 1.5 hours. 

Battery management is efficient too, with minimal power loss during sporadic usage over two hours. Leaving the buds paired but inactive to a device barely affects battery levels.

Compared to similar-priced models like the Jaybird Tarah (6 hours), Jaybird X4 (8 hours), and even the BeatsX (8 hours), the Beats Flex offers longer playtimes. While newer models like the JLab Epic Sport2 boast 20 hours, the Beats Flex compensates with USB-C and Fast Fuel charging, providing 1.5 hours of use with just a 10-minute charge. Carrying a USB-C charger or power bank with a USB-C port for on-the-go recharging is a minor inconvenience.

Beats Flex Wireless Ear Phones: Call Quality and Connectivity

The upgraded mic array by Beats does improve voice calling, yet the call quality of the Beats Flex remains slightly inferior to Powerbeats models and BeatsX. During outdoor calls, external noises like construction and wind were unavoidable, although the voice remained clear to the listener. Despite distractions, the volume levels were praised. Indoor Zoom calls yielded better results, with clients complimenting the clarity and volume of the speaker’s voice.

Connectivity, a hallmark of Apple-related products, is evident in the Beats Flex with the reliable W1 chip facilitating pairing across multiple platforms. In terms of wireless range, these buds exceed the standard range of about 30 to 35 feet by approximately 10 feet. This extended range allowed for seamless music streaming throughout the house, even when the phone was charging in another room. No dropouts occurred during calls, and there was no stuttering while streaming music on Spotify.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of its strengths or weaknesses, consumers will primarily base their decision to purchase the Beats Flex on one factor: price. At AED 200:00, Beats’ latest release is definitely worth it, offering a stylish design with customizable fit, long battery life, strong microphones for clear calls and Siri usage, and excellent connectivity across iOS and Android devices. However, it’s important to note that while the audio quality is decent, there are better-sounding models available at the same price point. Nevertheless, considering the overall performance, the Beats Flex could easily justify a higher price, making it a generous offering from the pioneering audio brand.

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