Best Smart Home Devices in UAE For 2024

Smart home devices are gadgets that can make your home more convenient and efficient by connecting to the internet and working together. 

Examples include: 

  • Smart thermostats, 
  • Smart Lights,
  • Doorbells,
  • Alexa Smart display and 
  • Security cameras. 

These smart home devices can be controlled using a smartphone or voice commands, allowing you to manage them even when you’re not at home. The benefits of smart home devices include saving energy and money by optimizing your home’s systems, enhancing security through remote monitoring, and adding convenience by automating daily tasks. With smart devices, you can create a more comfortable and connected living space, making your daily life simpler and more enjoyable.


One smart living room gadget that can add convenience to your life, and potentially save money on energy, is a connected thermostat. You can monitor and control your home’s heating and cooling system through a phone or voice commands. The thermostat allows setting temperature schedules and offers energy-saving features that may help reduce the energy bill. 

A recommended choice is the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium, which comes with a remote sensor for maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the house. For a more budget-friendly option, the Wyze Thermostat is highly recommended as the best model under $100.

Alexa Smart Display

The best smart display with Alexa is the Echo Show 8. It’s just the right size for living rooms and other parts of the house, unlike the slightly small Echo Show 5 or the too-big Echo Show 10 with its rotating screen. The Echo Show 8 supports various video streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. It even has built-in browsers for web surfing on its touchscreen. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support YouTube, but you can still access it through the browsers, though it’s not as smooth. You can use the Show 8 to make video calls using the Alexa app on any phone or tablet. It also supports Skype, Zoom, and Amazon’s own Chime service. Similar to the Nest Hub Max, the Show 8 has an optional face-tracking feature that follows your movements during a call.

Smart Lights

One of the easiest ways for someone to bring smart home technology into their home is by changing regular light bulbs to smart ones. Smart light bulbs let you control your lights from afar using a phone app or your voice, either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They also bring in automation, allowing you to schedule when the lights turn on and off. Some even let you adjust the brightness, color temperature, or create custom light scenes. 

A good choice for smart lighting is the Philips Hue brand, especially the White and Color Ambiance LED Smart Button Starter Kit. This kit includes three smart bulbs, a hub to control up to 50 lights, and a Smart Button for turning off lights without a phone. It offers versatile lighting styles, allowing adjustments to brightness, color temperature, and various shades. If someone finds that too bold, Philips offers alternatives like the Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit without color options or the Hue White Starter Kit that doesn’t allow adjusting the color temperature. 

People like Philips Hue bulbs because they are widely supported by smart home systems like Google, Amazon, and Apple’s HomeKit. These bulbs connect through Zigbee, not Wi-Fi, making them reliable without slowing down home internet.

Security Camera

Blink’s newest wireless security cameras are called “outdoor,” but they work well for keeping homes safe both inside and outside. These cameras run on two AA batteries, so people can put them wherever they want, and the batteries last for about two years before needing replacement. The Blink Outdoor 4 security cameras are tough against weather and can do things like night vision, detect motion, and let you talk through them. Videos can be stored in the cloud with the Blink Subscription Plan, or events can be saved locally to a Sync Module 2 using a USB flash drive (sold separately). However, it’s essential to know that smart home device only works with Alexa, which might not suit everyone’s needs. 


If someone needs a camera for their front door, getting a doorbell camera is a better choice than a separate one. A recommended option is the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell, which works with Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. It shows high-quality HDR footage with a 180-degree view, allowing a full view of a person. The doorbell can also call your phone with a video when someone rings it, and it has two-way audio for talking to the person at the door.

A cool thing about this doorbell is that it comes with a 30-day trial for Arlo’s Smart subscription service. This service includes a motion detection feature that can tell if it’s a person, package, vehicle, or animal. People find it useful, especially for package alerts, like when UPS drops off a box. It’s so handy that it’s recommended to continue using the service after the trial.

The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell can be used with Google or Amazon’s smart displays, but it won’t be fully connected. You can see the webcam on the display, but if someone rings the doorbell, they won’t automatically show up on the screen. If that’s something needed, using a Google doorbell like the Nest Video Doorbell or an Amazon doorbell like the Blink Video Doorbell is suggested for Google and Amazon displays, respectively.

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